Minnesota Lynx Win Again; Mya Moore Continues to Amaze

The Minnesota Lynx claimed their third championship in five years after defeating the Phoenix Mercury   Wednesday night.  It marks the third championship in the franchise’s history and the third for its superstar Mya Moore.  Moore, who won three straight National Championships as the All-American superstar for the UCONN Huskies, has continued her run of dominance in the WNBA.

Moore is going to go down as the greatest woman’s basketball player of all-time and she’s just completed her fifth year as a pro.  This is Moore’s resume after five seasons as a pro; 3X WNBA Champion, WNBA Finals MVP, WNBA MVP, Rookie of the Year, WNBA Scoring Leader, and 4x WNBA All-Star.  What she’s done is absolutely incredible and unprecedented.  In all of the major pro [team] sports [NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL] there has never been a player who has matched Moore’s accomplishments in the first five years of their career.

The lack of reaction following Moore’s third championship in five years highlights the discrepancy in the way society views women’s pro sports leagues compared to men.  For example, if Lebron James’ first five years in the NBA mirrored Moore’s, he’d not only be accepted as the greatest basketball player who ever lived, but many would argue that he’s the greatest athlete on the planet.

The only reason I knew that the Lynx won the WNBA Championship, was because I had an alert on my phone.  There were no headlines on any of the major sports sites [ESPN, FOX Sports, Yahoo, etc.]; you had to do a search in order to find the outcome.  I understand that the MLB playoffs had two series clinching games that night, but those major sites always headlined Championship games for the men; why the hell can’t they do the same for the women?

I can appreciate the fact that the WNBA isn’t the most popular of sports, but their superstar player has accomplished more than any other athlete for a five-year span.   If you’re going to headline every time Lebron or Brady does something historic, you need to do the same for a female athlete who does the same.

When Mya Moore retires, she’s going to be considered the greatest WNBA player of all-time; along with being considered as one of the greatest basketball players ever.  Her accomplishments are unmatched and at the age of 26, she still has a long (and no doubt) successful career ahead of her.  If you haven’t paid attention to her before, you should start.  She’s one of the best basketball players of this generation.