Hope Solo & the Public’s Skewed View of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has become a hot topic of conversation for a little over a year.  It started with the Ray Rice incident and seems to have plateaued with Hope Solo.  While Solo’s incident seemed to die down over the past year, new details emerged a week before the beginning of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The fact that Hope Solo hasn’t been getting the heat in the court of public opinion that Ray Rice received [or the other men that have been charged over the past year Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, etc.] is wrong.  Rather than give Solo the same treatment that everyone has given Rice, many are coming out and trying to quantify the differences between the two incidents; which is absurd.

According to the dictionary, domestic violence is defined as; “acts of violence or abuse against a person living in one’s household, especially a member of one’s immediate family” (Dictonary.com).  Therefore there shouldn’t be a “scale” for how severe one domestic violence incident should be looked at compared to another.

For those who are unaware of Solo’s incident, the following is a brief summary.

Solo was arrested on two counts of domestic violence for beating on her half-sister and her 17-year-old-nephew.  The charges were dismissed on procedural grounds however Solo was never cleared of these charges.  “The city has filed an appeal with the Superior Court of Washington and oral arguments are scheduled for Sept. 11” (HNGN.com).

To those that want to try and defend Solo, go ahead and look foolish.  Hell, you’ll almost look as ridiculous as FIFA for not suspending Solo for this World Cup.  They (FIFA) have no leg to stand on as to why they didn’t suspend Solo, and are making the NFL’s botched punishment of Rice look appropriate.

Domestic violence is despicable regardless of the gender that incites it.  We as a society need to stop looking at this issue with rose colored glasses and think that only men provoke this type of behavior.  Public opinion on domestic violence should be gender neutral, not men specific.  It’s understated that most of the incidents that are reported involve men abusing women, but this notion that women aren’t [or can’t be] responsible for domestic violence is just ridiculous.

Hope Solo is as much of a coward as Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and/or Greg Hardy.  She violently attacked two members of her family and proceeded to lie about it afterwards.   She’s shown absolutely no remorse for her actions and hasn’t gotten the public criticism that she deserves.

In time, I hope more sports pundits and analysts criticize her actions in the same manner that they have towards the men over the past year.  Those who have the opportunity to call out the double standard and the “over the top” PC culture should do so.  The only way there will be a change is if those who have platform use it and stop hiding behind societal pressure(s).

Domestic Violence isn’t a gender issue and it’s about time “we” start addressing that.