A Promising Beginning for 2 of the NFL’s Young QB’s

On April 30th 2015, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were the first two overall picks and like so many great quarterback classes before them, they will be forever linked. Winston was taken number one overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mariota was selected second overall by the Tennessee Titans.

Heading into the draft, many speculated over who would be the better pro, and the majority believed it was Winston; given his strong arm, size and natural throwing ability. Mariota looked great entering the draft in his own right however, many pundits questioned how complete of a passer he was, after coming out of Chip Kelly’s run-and-gun college style offense.

Winston: 2015 Stats – 58.3 comp %, 4,042 yards, 22 TD’s, 15 INT’s, 84.2 QBR.

2016 Stats – 61.3 comp %, 2,900 yards, 22 TD’s, 11 INT’s, 89.7 QBR

Career Stats – 59.6 comp %, 6,942 yards, 44 TD’s 26 INT’s, 86.6 QBR.

12-15 Overall Record (As a starter)

Mariota: 2015 Stats – 62.2 comp %, 2,818 yards, 19 TD’s, 10 INT’s, 91.5 QBR.

2016 Stats – 64.3 comp %, 2,998 yards, 25 TD’s, 8 INT’s, 101.9 QBR.

Career Stats – 63.2 comp %, 5,816 yards, 44 TD’s, 18 INT’s, 96.8 QBR.

9-15 Overall Record (As a starter)

When looking at the numbers [almost two full seasons in], it seems as though Mariota has put up better statistics; however, Winston has had the better win/loss record. Both teams [surprisingly] are in the playoff race within their own division(s) and both look as though they have a real shot at making their first postseason starts.

It’s been my belief from the beginning that Mariota was/is going to be the better of the two; still not sure if I’m on the right side of that opinion. The numbers so far are leaning in my favor; however, I’ve learned not to count my chickens before they hatch (shout out to Blake Bortles). Either way, It’s clear that the future is looking very bright for these two young promising quarterbacks.