The 49ers Won Big By Hiring Chip Kelly

The San Francisco 49ers made a splash yesterday when they hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach.  Kelly was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago after a disappointing year in which the team went 6-9 and missed the playoffs.  The 49ers made a great hire regardless of what many in the media want you to believe.

Kelly came to the NFL from college where he turned the pedestrian [at best] Oregon University football program into a national powerhouse.  He signed on as the Eagles head coach in 2013 following the team’s horrific 2012 season in which they won only four games.  Kelly made an immediate impact going 10-6 in his first two seasons, including a playoff appearance.  In January of 2015, Kelly became head of football operations and made significant changes to the roster; which was met with mixed reviews from Eagles fans and the mainstream media.  From that point on, it seemed like Kelly’s days in Philadelphia were numbered; and anything less than a playoff run would end with his dismissal.

When Kelly was fired by the Eagles, you would’ve thought he was the worst coach in the history of football given the reaction around the sports world.  Media members and fans were blowing up the national airways excoriating this man as fraud and a bust as an NFL head coach.  The popular opinion became that Kelly is only good at the college level and his offensive ‘genius’ doesn’t belong/work in the NFL.

Objectively speaking, if you’re a football fan and your team is looking for a new head coach, and you read the following resume’ on SportsCenter; are you really not going to consider this man as a qualified candidate?

College Coaching Record: 44-5, 2-2 in Bowl Games, 2x Pac-10 Coach of the Year  

NFL Coaching Record: 26-21 [10-6, 10-6, 6-9], Playoff Appearance, Turned a 4-12 team to a 10-6 playoff team in his first season.

It’s absurd that so many people have chosen try and negate everything that Kelly’s done in three years in the NFL.  While I think he made a mistake (that many have made before him) by taking on being the head of football operations, that doesn’t change the fact that he turned around a struggling franchise in one season.  The man made Nick Foles into a decent starting quarterback within his system; how’s Foles looking in St. Louis without Kelly’s tutelage?

The 49ers front office made the right call by hiring Chip Kelly.  Kelly’s offensive ‘genius’ is going to rejuvenate a putrid offense along with the team’s struggling starting quarterback.  Colin Kaepernick is going to have a fresh start next season and that’s in large part because he’s the best quarterback to fit Kelly’s offensive system.

Ignore all the ignorant mainstream sports media members out there; the San Francisco 49ers will be legitimate playoff contenders next season, and it will be because of their new head coach.


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