The Sports Media Continues to Disrespect Golden State’s Accomplishments

The NBA season is about a third of the way through their season and the Golden State Warriors have only lost one game.  That’s right; the Warriors are 27-1 through their first 28 games of the season.  They’re on pace to shatter the 95-96 Bulls record of 72 regular season wins  and yet, they’re still not getting the love or respect that they deserve.

I believe that it’s become a new fad [of sorts] in sports media to find a way to disrespect the Warriors’ championship and their undeniable success this season.  They’re getting chastised from the likes of media members such as Colin Cowherd to former players like Charles Barkley and current NBA coaches, Greg Popovich & Doc Rivers.  Rather than give the Warriors their due, hot heads like Barkley continue to say that the 95-96 Bulls would mow through this [finesse] Warriors team because they played a more physical type of basketball in the 90’s.  There’s no denying that Barkley is right, the state of play in the NBA 20 years ago was much different than it is today.  However, he’s not taking into account that, the 95-96 Bulls team might not be as successful in this current NBA climate.

While the 95-96 Bulls had some great jump shooters, none of them shot the way Curry & Thompson do on a nightly basis.  Defensively the Bulls certainly could prevent some of the Warriors’ scoring but there’s no guarantee they’d be able to shut the likes of Curry & Thompson down for an entire game; especially not Curry, he’s just too damn good.  The NBA is witnessing something that’s never been done before and instead of embracing it, many are choosing to try and break them down at every turn.

I’m tired of hearing all of these retired players coming out and finding new ways to besmirch what the Warriors have accomplished.  What this team has done has been nothing short of sensational.  They’re playing alongside [arguably] the best player in the game and as a roster; they have without a doubt the deepest bench.

Unfortunately I believe that the only way this team is ever going to get the respect that they’ve earned is to repeat; and I for one am rooting like hell for it, and believe that they’ll do it.  Hopefully at seasons end when the Warriors are hosting the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the second straight year, all of these haters will disappear and the once maligned Golden State Warriors will be given the credit that they so richly deserve.


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