The Patriots & Their Fans Need to Reflect Before Playing Victim

The New England Patriots are the latest victims of the referee debacle that has summed up the current NFL season.  There were roughly three [maybe four] borderline calls that impacted the outcome of the game.  While I sympathize with Patriots fans for getting hosed by the refs, especially given that they were in the midst of an undefeated season.  However, they’re not the first team to be victimized by the horrible officiating and certainly won’t be the last.  However, if you listen to New England sports radio (or watch any of the Patriot homers on ESPN or FOX Sports) you’d think the NFL has it out for the Patriots.  That couldn’t be further from truth and frankly that narrative is weak and extremely pathetic.

There isn’t another team in the NFL that has gotten the benefit of the whistle more over the last 15 years then the Patriots.  What many Patriots sycophants are quick to forget is their golden boy quarterback’s legend originated on a made-up call (the tuck-rule) that saved their season and screwed the Oakland Raiders in the process.  In last year’s playoffs against the Ravens, the Patriots got the benefit of a few calls which helped them overcome a deficit and win the game.  There have been coaches and players who have griped over the years that the Patriots were getting the benefit of the doubt on game changing calls, especially in Foxboro.

It’s hard to have sympathy for a team that’s been caught cheating [more than once], who’s benefited more times than not in officiating calls, and is the first to complain the moment anything doesn’t go their way.  In addition, it’s even harder to garner sympathy for them because their fans are some of the worst in all of sports.  Every fan base is going to bias towards their team, but Patriots fans take it to the next level.  Just like their team, they’re the first to bitch when things don’t go their way but have selective amnesia when they get the benefit of many calls.  They’re the true force behind this whole victimization crap that’s been streaming through the airways all week, and it just goes to show you how sad and pitiful the fans of New England can be.

The New England Patriots during the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick tenure have mostly benefited from officials calls, Sunday night they didn’t.  The narrative that the NFL has it out for the Patriots is simply untrue and needs to be put to bed.  Given their history, the Patriots and their fans need to reflect on the past before continuing the charade of playing the victim.


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