Irrational Fans & A Corrupt Judicial System

Anyone who’s a true sports fan will admit that when it comes to their favorite team, player or league, they can be irrational.  Arguably the biggest offenders of this standard are NFL fans.  NFL fans are loyal and passionate and in some cases completely absurd when it comes to defending their own.

Greg Hardy made headlines again last week when the photos of his domestic violence dispute were released online.  As if there wasn’t enough of an outcry for Hardy’s dismissal from the league, this made it that much worse.  And as always, there were some Dallas Cowboys fans making ignorant and illogical statements in defense of Hardy.

Those Cowboys fans are being irrational and in some cases hypocritical.  The fans lighting up twitter in defense of Hardy are most likely the same fans that were ripping Ray Rice last year during his domestic violence incident.  Now in the same vain, Ravens fans cheered for Rice last year after he served his suspension but now are eviscerating Hardy for doing the same damn thing.

Fans like them believe that if a player on their team commits a violent act, they should be defended to the death.  However, if a player on another team commits the same type of act, they should be suspended indefinitely.  I don’t mean to take shots primarily at Ravens and Cowboys fans; it’s just that they’re the unfortunate few who have shown all us the irrational and hypocritical nature of many fan bases.

Now, this issue as a whole is much bigger than the ignorance of fans.  This is about our corrupt judicial system and the fact that it would allow a man who beat and choked a woman to an inch of her life be acquitted because he paid her off in order to keep himself out of prison.  Once again we are shown that those with money have all the power and the laws of the land don’t apply to them.

Most NFL fans are pissed and blame the NFL, primarily Roger Goodell for allowing Hardy to continue to play.  Goodell did what he had to do and suspended Hardy last season but there’s nothing more he can do now.  If he tried to go back after Hardy, we would have another ‘Deflategat’ type of issue and the NFL would lose once again.  If you want to be made at someone be mad at;

  1. Jerry Jones for only caring about making headlines and ‘winning’ over common sense and decency
  2. Our wonderfully corrupt judicial system for allowing Hardy [and others] to get away with heinous acts because they have money/power to do so.

For once in a long time, it’s not Goodell or the NFL’s fault.

It’s disgusting that a reprehensible human being like Hardy gets to walk free and continue to play football because he could pay his way out of a jail cell.  What’s even more shameful is that our judicial system allows it.  There’s the old adage that ‘justice is blind’.  Justice isn’t blind, it’s corrupt; and Hardy’s just another example of that.


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