3 NFL Offseason Moves That Should Happen But Won’t

We are only a little past the halfway point of this NFL season, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about trades and/or acquisitions during the offseason.  The following is a list of a few offseason moves that should happen but probably won’t.

Calvin Johnson – New England Patriots:  It doesn’t even sound fair, yet it would make the most sense.  Think back to 2007 and the damage that the combo of Brady/Moss inflicted on the rest of the league; this pairing could potentially be even more lethal.  Brady is currently playing at the highest level of any quarterback [ever] with a make-shift offensive line and an offensive lineup that’s riddled with injuries.   Imagine Brady behind a healthy offensive line and Johnson as his number one target; it could become the stuff of legend.

Matthew Stafford – Houston Texans:  This is a match made in heaven.  The Texans desperately need a quarterback and Stafford is never going to get anywhere in Detroit.  Bill O’Brien needs to make a splash at quarterback quick, fast and in a hurry; otherwise he’s going to be looking for a new job.  Who better than a player with [arguably] the strongest arm in the league who’s still in his prime at age 27?  Stafford has benefited from playing alongside Calvin Johnson throughout his career, but that has only taken him so far.  The personnel in Detroit is a joke (which is why both Johnson & Stafford have made this list) whereas Houston has proven that they have a playoff ready roster [with an underrated star in DeAndre Hopkins at wide receiver] that lacks a respectable starting quarterback.

Chip Kelly – Tennessee Titans:  Kelly’s offensive experiments haven’t panned out the way many (including myself) expected and it’s a safe bet that he won’t be returning to Philadelphia at the end of this season; unless by some miracle the Eagles make the playoffs.  The Titans are desperate for a good offensive minded coach that will help develop their first-round quarterback; look no further than the man who coached Mariota to success at Oregon.  Kelly hasn’t been shy with his praise for the young quarterback and I believe that the pairing could do some real damage in the weak AFC South; not to mention, Mariota’s game truly thrived under the tutelage of his former college coach.


Rodgers/Packers Have Much to Prove

The constant debate in most NFL circles is; “Who’s the best QB in the league right now.”  In most circumstances the answer comes to either Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.  For a few years now, I’ve been in the Rodgers camp and have argued that not only is Rodgers the best quarterback in the game, but he has the chance to be the best of all-time.  Given his last two games, I’m not sure if that statement holds much water.

There’s no denying that the Packers’ woes over the past few weeks do not fall solely on the shoulders of Rodgers.  He’s playing with a beat-up offensive line, receivers that can’t get much (if any) separation from defensive backs, and a defense that has more holes than Swiss cheese.  However, if he’s going to be considered to be the best in the game, he has to overcome those odds and find ways to win.

Comparatively, Brady is playing with a patchwork offensive line and lost his number one receiver to a broken foot last week against the Giants (Rodgers lost Jordy Nelson due to a preseason injury).  Now granted Brady plays for the best coach in the game and has a much better defense than Rodgers, but there’s never any doubt that the Patriots are motivated week in and week out.  Unfortunately given the last few weeks, the same can’t be said for the Packers.

Statistically speaking Rodgers is having another great year; 2,270 yards, 21 TD’s, 3 INT’s with a 103.4 QBR.  Please don’t get me wrong, those are great stats, but his team isn’t winning.  As the leader and face of the franchise, Rodgers needs to find new ways to motivate this team.  This week’s game is going to have an enormous impact on the way many will view the Packers [and Rodgers] for the rest of the season.  They play the division leading Vikings, who have surprised most of the league winning five straight off their bye week.  If the Packers win, all questions on the state of this team and Rodgers will disappear rather quickly; however if they lose, it’s going to be a long road ahead for this once promising team.

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the game and has all the talent to end up as the greatest ever.  Whether or not he’s able to live up to that standard is still up in the air however at this moment it’s not looking to promising.  The remainder of this season is going to be a huge test for him not just as a quarterback but a leader as well.  At seasons end, I believe we’ll have a better idea of where Rodgers will rank within the pantheon of quarterbacks; something tells me, he’s still has some magic up his sleeve.

Irrational Fans & A Corrupt Judicial System

Anyone who’s a true sports fan will admit that when it comes to their favorite team, player or league, they can be irrational.  Arguably the biggest offenders of this standard are NFL fans.  NFL fans are loyal and passionate and in some cases completely absurd when it comes to defending their own.

Greg Hardy made headlines again last week when the photos of his domestic violence dispute were released online.  As if there wasn’t enough of an outcry for Hardy’s dismissal from the league, this made it that much worse.  And as always, there were some Dallas Cowboys fans making ignorant and illogical statements in defense of Hardy.

Those Cowboys fans are being irrational and in some cases hypocritical.  The fans lighting up twitter in defense of Hardy are most likely the same fans that were ripping Ray Rice last year during his domestic violence incident.  Now in the same vain, Ravens fans cheered for Rice last year after he served his suspension but now are eviscerating Hardy for doing the same damn thing.

Fans like them believe that if a player on their team commits a violent act, they should be defended to the death.  However, if a player on another team commits the same type of act, they should be suspended indefinitely.  I don’t mean to take shots primarily at Ravens and Cowboys fans; it’s just that they’re the unfortunate few who have shown all us the irrational and hypocritical nature of many fan bases.

Now, this issue as a whole is much bigger than the ignorance of fans.  This is about our corrupt judicial system and the fact that it would allow a man who beat and choked a woman to an inch of her life be acquitted because he paid her off in order to keep himself out of prison.  Once again we are shown that those with money have all the power and the laws of the land don’t apply to them.

Most NFL fans are pissed and blame the NFL, primarily Roger Goodell for allowing Hardy to continue to play.  Goodell did what he had to do and suspended Hardy last season but there’s nothing more he can do now.  If he tried to go back after Hardy, we would have another ‘Deflategat’ type of issue and the NFL would lose once again.  If you want to be made at someone be mad at;

  1. Jerry Jones for only caring about making headlines and ‘winning’ over common sense and decency
  2. Our wonderfully corrupt judicial system for allowing Hardy [and others] to get away with heinous acts because they have money/power to do so.

For once in a long time, it’s not Goodell or the NFL’s fault.

It’s disgusting that a reprehensible human being like Hardy gets to walk free and continue to play football because he could pay his way out of a jail cell.  What’s even more shameful is that our judicial system allows it.  There’s the old adage that ‘justice is blind’.  Justice isn’t blind, it’s corrupt; and Hardy’s just another example of that.

Curry + Warriors Are NBA’s Best

As it stands today, Steph Curry is the best player in the NBA.  I know that we’re only five games into the season and I’m not trying to be prisoner of the moment, but when a player has scored 179 points in five games and the only other player in NBA history to match that total is Michael Jordan; that player deserves some praise.

Curry’s averaging 35.8 points per game, 5.0 rebounds and 5.8 assists.  That’s insane.  Just for a comparison, Lebron James’ season stats are; 22.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.6 assists.  James being widely considered as the best player in the game is the reason for the comparison; but it’s time for the NBA community to wake up and realize that James is no longer the ‘king’ of the league.

Not only has Curry been playing at the highest level of anyone in the league, but he’s lead his team to a 5-0 start.  That’s right, he’s lead the defending champion Golden State Warriors to a 5-0 record.  You know the same Warriors team that everyone has dismissed as champions because their opponents lost some key players to injuries.  That because their players stayed healthy for the majority of the season [especially through the playoffs], their championship isn’t as legitimate as others in the past.  Well, regardless of what everyone else thinks, this team is annihilating their completion and looks to be in prime position to repeat as champs.

What’s interesting to note is that this Warriors team seems reminiscent of another team in a different league; that team would be the New England Patriots.  Like the Patriots, they have a superstar player in Steph Curry, who had to deal with the media not giving him a fair shake during the offseason.  The Warriors have also had to deal with the media and the league’s unenthusiastic view of their championship.  I understand that comparing the two teams is a bit of a stretch given that the Patriots have been caught cheating on more than one occasion, however the way they (the Warriors) punish their opposition as their way of legitimizing their standing in the league is eerily similar.

Steph Curry is currently the best player who’s playing on the best team in the league.  There’s no guarantee that he and his team will repeat as champions, but one thing is for sure, they’re going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.