Greg Hardy’s Comments Show Lack of Remorse while NFL Stays Quiet

**The issue of rich and powerful men [and women] getting away with committing crimes because of their financial means is much bigger than the NFL but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to strictly focus on them.**

Greg Hardy is a disgusting, volatile, piece of filth that deserves to be rotting away in a jail cell; but because he is a professional athlete with millions of dollars, he gets to walk around a free man.  Does this seem right to everyone?  Is it ok that those who are financially privileged get to get away with committing crimes and those who aren’t millionaires get punished?  Well according to society and the silence throughout the main stream media, I guess its acceptable behavior.

The NFL shouldn’t be allowed to promote breast cancer awareness because it’s nothing but a disingenuous act to try to lure in more female viewers.  They don’t care about women.   If they did, Hardy wouldn’t be allowed on any NFL roster, nor would his volatile remarks regarding Tom Brady’s wife be posted on the NFL’s webpage; the same webpage that has the NFL logo linked with the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.

Hardy isn’t the first convicted piece of trash to be allowed back into NFL locker rooms and he won’t be the last.  Ray Rice would be on a NFL roster right now if there was any chance that he was going to produce the way he did a few years ago.  Don’t be fooled by the league trying to use Rice as a symbolic figure of what ‘not to do towards women’ because it’s a smoke screen.  If the NFL and the NFLPA (who are just as guilty) genuinely cared about women this should be the new mandate regarding domestic violence:

Any player who is convicted of domestic violence shall be suspended indefinitely.  If said player went through the proper treatment then there could be a possibility of reinstatement.  However, if said player returns to league and is convicted for a second time, he is banned for life.

The wording might need to be polished up a bit, but you get the point.

The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve misrepresented women through their actions over the last few years, but they’re not.  All they care about is making money and there’s no denying that they’re making plenty of it.  It’s all about business and even with the negative perception of their commissioner; the league is more popular than ever.

So where does that leave us?

Honestly, it leaves us in the exact same place we were yesterday.  The NFL is going to continue to make billions of dollars and the majority of us are going to remain fans, regardless of how egregious [most of us] find their actions.

The reason?

Because sports fans love their football and nothing is going to change that.

Unfortunately, pieces of trash like Hardy are going to continue to get away with crimes because our society is predicated on money; and if you have it, you have all the power.  Someone like Hardy can show no remorse or a sign of contrition and still get away with committing a crime.  Until the status quo changes, this is going to continue to be the norm.


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