Chicago Bulls Fans Deserve Better

There’s a little less than a month until the beginning of the 2015-2016 NBA season, and for once Lebron James isn’t dominating the headlines.  Instead, it’s Derrick Rose who has grabbed the preseason headlines; first for making dumb comments and secondly for [surprise, surprise] getting injured again.

Fortunately for Rose and Bulls fans, his injury (orbital fracture) isn’t season ending and he’s expected to return before the beginning of the season.  While that’s good news, it doesn’t change the fact that once again Rose is sidelines with another injury.  It’s become almost routine now for the Bulls to watch their superstar point guard spend a majority of the season on the bench.  Over the past four years, Rose has played in 100 out of a possible 312 games; in other words, he’s played in 32% of his team games.  That’s frightening given that the Bulls signed Rose to a five-year $96 million dollar deal, and all he’s done in return, is model expensive suits on the sideline.

While Rose’s injury is the main headliner for the week, what should be talked about are the dumb/ignorant comments Rose made to reporters regarding his future.  In his first preseason interview Rose gave everyone a glimpse into seeing where his priorities are, stating;

“My mindset was I was working out every day and spending as much time as possible with my son, making sure my family is financially stable. As far as you see all the money they’re passing out in this league — just telling the truth — and knowing my day will be coming up soon. It’s not for me. It’s for (son) P.J. and his future. So that’s what I’m thinking about right now.” (

I’ve always rooted for Rose but after those comments, I’ve lost almost all my respect for him.  He sounded like another entitled athlete who clearly has no self-awareness.  The man is in the final two years of a $96 million dollar contract and is in the middle of a $180 million dollar shoe contract with Adidas; and yet his main focus this offseason is to make more money, for his son?  There are no fans in Chicago that want to hear that you’re thinking about free agency two years from now, especially since the majority of your time on this team has been on the bench.  They want to hear that you’re offseason focus was trying to find a way to stay healthy this season and work towards winning a NBA Championship.

A few years ago, Rose was an athlete that many rooted for.  He seemed like a nice, humble kid who was trying to bring a championship to his hometown city of Chicago.  Now, he seems like another self-centered athlete who isn’t interested in playing the game to win, but rather playing the game to make money.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money, especially given that most professional athletes only get one good contract.  But with that said, if you’re a star in any sport and you win, you won’t have to worry about making money, multi-year contracts and endorsement deals will come to you.

Given all the financial success that Rose has had so far in his career but the lack of success in the postseason; shouldn’t his priorities be focused on winning rather than a future payday?  As far as I’m concerned Rose has shown his true colors and if he’s that interested to test the free agent market, let him; the Chicago Bulls fans deserve much better anyway.


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