GM & Owner’s Offseason Failures Contribute to Colts 0-2 Start

The Indianapolis Colts are in a world of trouble.  Following their embarrassing performance in Buffalo week one of the season, they faced off against the New York Jets Monday night in Indianapolis; and looked even worse.  The final score was 20-7 Jets, but that score isn’t indicative to the grotesque performance the Colts put forth that night.

Andrew Luck had arguably his ugliest game as a starting quarterback; four turnovers including three interceptions and a fumble.  His state line read, 21-37, 250 yards, 1TD, 3 INT’s; not something you’d expect to see from a preseason MVP candidate.  Throughout the game the Jets defense was having their way with him and there was nothing Luck could do about it.  He tried to get the offense on track by any means necessary which caused him to force throws, which of course led to those interceptions.

Luck is an incredible talent, but the kid has to stop turning the ball over.  He led the league with turnovers last year and is leading it again with six [in two games].  Whether it’s taking a sack or throwing the ball away; he has to learn to live ‘another down’.

It goes without saying that Luck has had a horrendous start to the 2015 season, but he’s not the main reason why the Colts are 0-2; that award goes to the GM Ryan Grigson and owner Jim Irsay.  Grigson has been well aware of the offensive line issues for this team and hasn’t done a thing to fix it.  Rather than drafting an offensive lineman with their first pick this year, they went with a wide receiver.  Naturally, that was right choice given how the Colts had the number one passing attack in the NFL last season; drafting another wide-out makes perfect sense.

Anyone who understands football realizes that if a team has a weak offensive line, it’s near impossible for the quarterback to succeed; just ask Eli Manning or Tony Romo pre-2013.  The Colts have had a revolving door of lineman since Luck entered the league in 2012.  Here is what the offensive line has consisted of since 2012; 9 different left guards, 5 different centers, 6 different right guards and 6 different right tackles.  Given those statistics, it wouldn’t matter if the Colts drafted the next Randy Moss and Jerry Rice at wide receiver; they wouldn’t be successful because Luck wouldn’t/doesn’t have time to throw them the ball.

The Indianapolis Colts are in trouble but they have one safety net; they’re playing in the weakest division in the league.  Their next three games are against their division rivals, Houston, Jacksonville and Tennessee; all of whom are a combined 1-11 against the Colts since Luck’s rookie year.  If they have any shot at making the playoffs, they need to sweep all of their divisional games.

I believe they will win their next three games, finish out the season with a 10-6 record and make the playoffs.  However, they’ll be fortunate to make it out of the first round with this team as currently constructed.  If the GM and owner are smart, they’re already in the process of trying to find a way to fix their deficiencies on the offensive line.  If they don’t, Luck might look around the league and find a franchise that is willing to take the necessary steps to surround him with the talent that will help him win a championship.

*To all those who are condemning Luck as a turnover machine and ‘overhyped’, you sound ridiculous.  Yes, he’s having a rough beginning to the season, but don’t forget that he took this team [with the same horrific offensive line] to the AFC Championship game last year.  In fact, Luck has made the playoffs every year since his rookie campaign.*     


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