Wilson Doesn’t Deserve Top QB Money

Russell Wilson’s contract has been the lead story (outside of deflate gate) in a relatively quiet NFL offseason.  Wilson’s agent has made it known to the Seahawks and the rest of the league that Wilson wants to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.  The Super Bowl winning quarterback’s contract is up at the end of this season and the Seahawks haven’t given any indication that they’re willing to pay Wilson the money that he believes he deserves.

With a championship and two Super Bowl appearances already under his belt, Wilson’s young career is off to an incredible start.   With that being said, Wilson is not the best quarterback in the league; therefore he doesn’t deserve top quarterback money.  He’s a great quarterback who’s had the advantage of playing with the best defense over the past three seasons, not to mention one of the top three running backs in the league.

If you’re an honest sports fan, the best way to objectively decide whether or not Wilson deserves to be the highest paid quarterback in the league is by asking yourself the following questions; and no, they’re not rhetorical.

If you were to take Wilson off the Seahawks and replace him with another quarterback in the league, are the Seahawks still one of the top teams in the NFL?  The [correct] answer is yes.   Now, if you take Brady, Rodgers, Luck or Manning (arguably the top quarterbacks in the league) off their respective teams, are their teams still Super Bowl Contenders?  The obvious [and correct] answer is no.

Wilson isn’t in their class, at least not yet.  He deserves to be paid, but his contract shouldn’t exceed Rodgers’ contract (5 years, $110 million, $54 million guaranteed).  I think a fair deal for Wilson would be something in the ball park of a 5 year, $105 million, $65 million guaranteed.  He’d get 5 million more guaranteed dollars then Cam Newton [who singed his 8 year, $103 million dollar contract earlier this summer] and be one of the top quarterback contracts in the league.

There are going to be many who disagree and point out the quarterbacks who have received better deals and haven’t come close to accomplishing what Wilson’s accomplished in his early career (hello Jay Cutler).  Those points are valid however, just because other franchises were stupid enough to make obscure deals to quarterbacks who didn’t deserve it, doesn’t mean the Seahawks should have to match those ridiculous contracts.

Wilson has yet to prove that he deserves to be the best quarterback in the league.  If he can follow up last year’s Super Bowl gaff (yes I’m one of the few who actually blames Wilson for that horrendous interception that lost the Seahawks the Super Bowl) with a return trip this February, he’ll without a doubt deserve to be the highest paid quarterback in the league.  Three straight trips to the Super Bowl in the leagues’ toughest conference; there won’t be a valid argument to make otherwise.  But since I don’t see that happening, Wilson’s going to have to eat some humble pie and realize that his a great quarterback, but he sure as hell isn’t the best.


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