The King’s’ Court

There’s no debate, Lebron James is the best player in the world.  He singlehandedly brought the Cavs to within two games of winning a championship with minimal help.   James isn’t the first superstar player to want total “control” of his team (Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan come to mind); however he is setting a trend on how to not only publically disrespect one’s coach, but how intimidating and controlling a front office can get you everything you want.

It’s been common knowledge since midway through the season that James didn’t have high regard for his new coach.  Now, no one would ever confuse David Blatt with Phil Jackson, but you sure as hell can’t compare him to the likes of Mike Brown (James’ first coach in Cleveland).  Blatt in his first year as a head coach took his team to the Finals and almost pulled off one of the greatest upsets in NBA history.  The media has done their best to undermine many of his accomplishments to favor James.  But no matter how hard they try, they can’t criticize results.

The running joke this season had been that James is the GM and head coach.  Some have a problem with this, I (surprisingly) don’t.  In regards to being considered the coach; James is the best player on his team therefore he should be the defacto coach on the court.  As the leader of the team [which he continues to remind us he is at every opportunity] his teammates should look to him in that way.   Where I lose respect for James is when he visibly disrespects his coach, like he did (in excess) during the playoffs.  He’s never “said” anything inflammatory against Blatt, although his body language has made his feelings pretty obvious.

Lebron James wants it all.  He wants to be the coach, GM (which is why he left Miami, don’t let the ‘feel-good’ story fool you), and the highest paid player on the team.  He knows that the Cavs will do practically anything to appease him in order to keep him in Cleveland; and he’s using that to his advantage.  Personally, I don’t have a problem with any player flexing their muscles and doing what they can to try and succeed both on and off the court.  With that being said, if James never wins another ring, the argument that “he’s the best player on the team and they haven’t surrounded him with the help he needs” is no longer valid.  If you want to be the GM and force the Cavs to make acquisitions that you like, you can no longer make excuses when it doesn’t go your way.

With ESPN and Yahoo sources confirming that Love, Shumpert and Thompson all agreed to contracts on Wednesday, the self-appointed “king” is getting everything he wanted.  It’s evident that James has control of every aspect of this team; and that will continue for as long as he remains in Cleveland.  The success his team has over the next few years will fall solely on his shoulders, and the media won’t be able to save him form the scrutiny if they come up short.  James is no longer allowed to get a pass if he team(s) come up short [especially in the personnel department] since he’s the one calling all the shots.

In closing, to all you LeBron supporters and diehard fans just keep in mind one thing; “With great power, comes great responsibility” (Spiderman).

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