Philadelphia Eagles & Tim Tebow: A Match Made in Heaven

NFL free agency has taken backseat this week due to the start of March Madness. However there’s one move in particular that I believe could make an offense truly prolific.

On Monday, the Eagles held a tryout for Tim Tebow. Yes, the same Tim Tebow that caught lightning in a bottle during the 2011 season and brought the Denver Broncos to a playoff berth. The same Tim Tebow that was traded from the Broncos after that miraculous season and became a side show in New York playing for the Jets. He was cut from their roster following the 2012 season and picked up by the Patriots that offseason, to only be cut before the season began.

Tebow’s career numbers are: 2,422 yards, 17 TD’s, 9 INT’s, 47.9 completion percentage, and a QBR of 75.3. He played in 34 games and started 16 of them.

I believe that if Tebow performs well in his initial workout, he will be a great pick-up for the Eagles.

Tebow is the type of quarterback that can thrive in an offensive scheme that is built around/for him. Denver catered to his strengths at times (hence the playoff run) whereas the Jets threw him in horrible situations just to appease their fans. While his numbers (especially his subpar completion percentage) may not suggest it, Tebow is a decent quarterback. By no means is he a franchise quarterback, but he has shown that he can be successful at the NFL level; he just needs the right coach.

There isn’t a coach tailor-made for catering his offense around a quarterback more than Chip Kelly. Kelly’s Oregon teams dominated on offense during his tenure and while none of his quarterbacks went on to have successful NFL careers; there was no denying their dominance at the collegiate level. Much like Kelly’s Oregon QB’s, Tebow also dominated in college but struggled in the NFL. While relatively successful as previously mentioned, he was never picked up by a coach willing to draw up offensive schemes to meet his strengths, which is what Kelly is known for.  

Kelly has already made some surprising moves this offseason; trading away McCoy and Foles while acquiring the injury prone Sam Bradford and last seasons breakout star, Demarco Murray. Signing Tebow would certainly raise some eyebrows, but shouldn’t surprise anyone. I think it’s become clear that Kelly has a vision for this team, especially on offense, and he’s making the moves that he believes will help that offense take flight (like what I did there).

Tim Tebow will be a lethal asset for Kelly and Eagles should they choose to sign him. His statistics might make him look a little rough around the edges, but there’s a drive and a determination in that kid that won’t be found on a stat sheet. He’s shown before that he has the intangibles to be a successful NFL player, and I think it’s those intangibles that will make him a consistent offensive weapon for this team.


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