NFL Free Agency

NFL free agency has been crazy over the past couple days. Here’s a quick recap and reaction to the big trades and acquisitions.

Jimmy Graham – Seattle Seahawks: Arguably the biggest “blockbuster” trade so far this offseason took place Tuesday afternoon when the New Orleans Saints traded Graham to the Seahawks. This is an incredible acquisition for the Seahawks who are already a juggernaut on defense and are looking to be just as formidable on offense. The two-time defending NFC Champions are once again making a case for being the team to beat in the NFC.

On the other hand, I have no idea what the hell the Saints are thinking. They’ve given up arguably their best player and received almost nothing in return. Following a disappointing season last year, it’s hard to understand what the front office in New Orleans is trying to prove by leaving their aging quarterback with a limited amount of weapons. It’s not looking like a promising year for this franchise.

Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles + Sam Bradford – Saint Louis Rams: If the Graham trade is the biggest trade of free agency, this one is the most intriguing. The Rams and Eagles for the lack of a better term, swapped quarterbacks and draft picks in the trade. The Rams get Foles and the Eagles fourth-round pick in 2015 and second-round pick in 2016; the Eagles get Bradford and the Rams fifth round pick in 2015.

This trade is great for the Rams who finally have a stable quarterback after years of uncertainty with the injury plagued Bradford and they still have the tenth overall pick in this year’s draft. However, I’m still trying to understand what head coach Chip Kelly is thinking trading for a quarterback who can’t stay on the field; unless his plan is to start Mark Sanchez (who just resigned with Eagles for a two-year contract) and have Bradford as the back-up.   Either way, Kelly has been making peculiar moves all offseason which leads into the next high profile trade this offseason.

LeSean McCoy – Buffalo Bills: If it wasn’t for the Graham trade, this would be the blockbuster trade of free agency. McCoy was traded to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker (and former Oregon Duck) Kiko Alonso in what is still a shocking development. McCoy had become the best offensive weapon for the Eagles over the past two seasons and it seems like there was more to the report of tension between he and his former head coach; then he was letting on. Regardless, McCoy is going to fit right in with Rex Ryan’s “ground and pound” offensive scheme.

Ndamukong Suh – Miami Dolphins: The Pro Bowl former defensive tackle of the Detroit Lions signed a $114 million contract ($60 million guaranteed) to play football in Miami. Suh has led all defensive tackles in sacks (36), disruptive plays (50%) and total snaps (4,107) since his debut in 2010. There’s no denying that Suh is a hell of a player, but is he really worth $60 million guaranteed? Given his on the field issues, a legitimate argument can be made that Miami might have spent a little too much on the star defensive tackle. Suh’s talent is obvious but given his track record of playing dirty and getting fined/suspended, Miami might look back on this contract and regret it. Either way, Miami made a huge splash and have certainly made their fans happy, if nothing else.

Andre Johnson – Indianapolis Colts: Johnson has been considered one of the best wide receivers in football since he broke out with the Houston Texans twelve years ago. This is a huge gain for the Colts and a devastating loss for the Texans who already rely too heavily on running-back Arian Foster, and don’t have much depth at wide receiver. Quarterback Andrew Luck, is finally getting an opportunity to play alongside a hall-of-fame wide receiver who hasn’t passed his prime (Reggie Wayne is phenomenal, but his best years are long gone). Look for the Colts to be near the top of the AFC next season.

Honorable Mention:

Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts

Demarco Murray – Philadelphia Eagles

Derrell Revis – New York Jets


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